All students desiring to take music lessons must submit a video audition along with the audition form. Students who desire to take multiple instruments must submit a separate set of forms and videos for each instrument.

Please note: your audition video does not determine acceptance into the Music School; rather, it is used to determine the best ensemble and teacher placement for you.

Exception: Beginner students (who have never studied their instrument) do not need to submit an audition video; simply fill out and submit the audition form.

Audition Video Requirements

1.) Play a scale of your choice (several octaves is best but not required).

2.) Perform a piece of your choice (a sacred piece is acceptable, though a classical piece is preferred).

  • You may use music if needed.
  • Piece may be performed with or without accompaniment.

Note: please position your camera so your whole person can be seen.

 Submission requirements

  • Video format: Save your audition video as MOV or MP4 if possible. You may submit your video in other formats, but be aware that you may be asked to re-send in a new format if faculty are unable to open your video.
  • Put both your audition video and your audition form in a folder labeled with your full name.
  • E-mail your video and form to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.If you are unable to e-mail the above items, you may place them in either Google Drive or Drop box and share them with the above address.
  • Audition video and form should be submitted no later than August 23rd.