New Song Program

New Song Program
New Song currently offers opportunities for students who wish to play violin, viola, cello, or piano.
Private lessons are generally held weekdays between 4 PM and 8 PM or Saturday mornings. When registering, students may request a day that works best for their schedule. Please note that Saturday morning availability is limited.
Group lessons are held Saturday mornings between 9 A.M. - 12 P.M.
The Bible Club is an opportunity for students to learn truths from God's Word about eternity and daily issues they will face. The Bible Club is led by a team of energetic students enrolled in Baptist College of Ministry. The Bible Club is also open to family members of students.
7 years old for piano, 4 years old for violin.
Yes! Group lessons are an important part to your child's musical and social development. In group lessons, he is learning to work with others and how to be a leader in any peer group. Group lessons are also important in keeping your child motivated, stimulated, and challenged.
You will be sent a monthly bill via e-mail, unless you choose to pay for the entire semester or year
We can recommend various instrument shops that rent violins and cellos. You do need a piano in the home for your child to practice on between lessons
Yes, parents are required to be with their children at all times. Parental guidance is key to a young child's development and we are passionate that parents build a strong relationship with each of their children, even through the tool of music. If a parent foresees a situation in which they are not able to be present at the lesson, please communicate with the child's teacher.